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Where should I start with for this post? I wanted to write everything that I haven’t told Jo about why I behave the way not favour to her. She always said I got problem in conversation or communication, kissing and hugging, my financial status, my relationship with my ex (Jo call her bitch) and lots more if I can recall each of them.

Okay, let start with 10 reasons why I love her. It’s been 2 years she keeps on asking me this question. To be honest, I really can’t find one. It came from the bottom of my heart, it tells me I like her, I love her without any reasons. I will do whatever she want me to do, whatever I think it’s worth my time and effort for her. I will drive her to any places she want to go without questions ask, and wait for her until she finish her business there without complaining. I had been doing this for the past two and a half years, and I didn’t complain anything on this even once. Why? It’s simple, because I enjoy it. I enjoy driving her to anywhere she wanna go and I enjoy while waiting for her to finish whatever she do. I once wait for her outside her office for more than two hours just to fetch her home from work.

She always want me to sing her a song, especially Jay Chow’s song because she hear me singing Jay’s song everytime I play his song in the car. There is no doubts that I like Jay Chow’s song very much, I always sing along with it when I play his song and sing it in a very soft and low tone. Jo always lean her head towards my shoulder just to hear me singing. It’s not that I purposely doesn’t want to sing to her, but I myself even find my voice sound like a duck quack. I doesn’t like singing out loud and sing it to anyone else, its not my talent.

Jo like dancing as much as I like to play badminton. She join the dancing class at her office every Wednesday after work. She always ask me to dance together with her or join her. Her dancing teacher now ask them to join the dancing competition for beginner. Now she go to practice at the dancing studio every Sunday. Whenever there is something I request from her, she will just said, “ok no problem, but you have to join me in my dancing class and the competition too”. Is this the way how things goes among couple?

Looking for a place to eat is also a problem for me. Everytime when we want to go out and eat lunch, dinner or supper, I must think of a place that Jo wouldn’t want to go. And all those places that she band is normally those places I want to have my meal normally. She already band all the coffeeshop near to her house. Whenever she feel hungry or its time for meal, she will ask me where are we going to have our meal. Normally I will start to think where should we have our meal this time as I can’t go to the place she band, cannot go to the place where we just have our meal yesterday or lately (she doesn’t like to repeat eating the same food). And when I’m thinking, I’m sort of forget to answer her question before I can think of a place to eat. She will always accuse me of having some communication problem or always ignore her. Driving long distance just to eat and get back is also another headache, caught in a traffic jam will make me moody. I wish she can drive me there to eat so I can relax in the car. I purposely put up this post in my other blog just to let her know my feeling and the difficulties I face. But I guess she doesn’t get my motive, she think that it just my normal posting.

to be continue…


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